A/B Testing

With A/B Testing, Optimize your Content for Conversion

Utilize Nostra's A/B Testing solution to optimize your content for conversions. Eliminate the compounding variable of slow site speed, and get more accurate results faster with Nostra's edge-cached A/B testing.

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A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing?

The Experimentation Process

A/B testing, also known as split testing, involves showing different variants of site to various visitors in order to identify the highest converting layout.

Missed Revenue Opportunities

A/B testing is tried and true method of increasing conversions, and neglecting it leaves money on the table.

Test Performance

How does Nostra's A/B Testing work?

Edge-Cached Testing

Nostra pre-builds and caches tests on the edge, ensuring quick delivery and reliable data. Edge cache testing eliminates latency, enhancing the customer experience and test fidelity.

Dynamic Traffic Allocation

Nostra's A/B testing uniquely addresses the common issue of short-term revenue loss in traditional methods. By dynamically reallocating traffic away from failed experiments, Nostra accelerates experiments, saving clients time and money.

UTM Based Personalization

Nostra's A/B testing surpasses conventional methods by incorporating personalized layouts based on UTM parameters, adapting to individual preferences such as traffic source, location, and time of visit.

Result Driven

What are the benefits Nostra's A/B Testing Solution?

Get Near-Instant Insights

Nostra deploys A/B Testing with our Edge Delivery Engine™ to execute layout options on the edge before the page loads. This eliminates latency, allowing quick and efficient results.

Guarantee Accurate Results

Don't let slow load times and flickers distort your test results. Adopt our A/B Testing suite to ensure your business gets the accurate results you need for success.

Generate More Revenue

Turn more visitors into customers by proving optimal layouts, shifting traffic from failed experiments, and utilizing personalized layouts, all while maximizing results even before the test concludes.

Discover How Speed is Key to Conversions

Over a hundred DTC companies already trust Nostra to deliver blazing speed and converted customers

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