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Use Predictive Commerce™ to auto-optimize your website for conversion based on who is visiting your site. No blips, no manual split testing, no leaking visitors. Deploy in minutes.

Intuitive System

How is Predictive Commerce™ set up?


Simple implementation

Predictive Commerce™ is super easy to deploy! Simply upload different images, designs, testimonials, calls to action, color schemes, plugins, banners and more.


Custom build

Predictive Commerce's automated generation capabilities make it scalable for large-scale personalization efforts. Regardless of the number of visitors or variations, the solution efficiently handles the generation and delivery of tailored content.

Data Driven

What is auto-optimization?

We understand that the purpose of your site is to turn browsers into buyers.


Real time analysis

Predictive Commerce™ will take into account thousands of data points on visitors, and then, based on who is visiting the site, display a web experience that is optimized for conversions.


Custom experiences

In the event that visitor sentiment changes or new audiences emerge, auto-optimization will automatically update the user experience to maximize conversions.

Web Performance

How does Predictive Commerce™ impact page performance?

With Predictive Commerce™ you no longer have to decide between performance and personalization.


Site speed

Nostra deploys Predictive Commerce™ on our Edge Delivery Engine™ to run deep personalization at the edge before the page loads. This eliminates any added latency.


Stand out

Despite what others claim, testing or personalization software that is deployed by adding code slows down the page which means you are adding personalization at the expense of speed and traffic.

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