Q1 2024

Welcome to our CRO Elite 8 Tournament recap page. We assembled a panel of 8 CRO experts who carefully examined a selection of eCommerce stores. These specialists evaluated the strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance of each store. Stay tuned for our weekly updates as we approach the announcement of the winner.

Final Round: Cassie King-Burgos vs. Nik Sharma


Nik Sharma

Founder and CEO at Sharma Brands
Expert in: Advertising • Brand Consulting • Marketing Strategy

Dexter Da Silva

Director of Digital Products at Compound Studio
Expert in: Customer Retention • Conversion Rate Optimization • Product Management

Ashvin Melwani

Co-Founder and CMO at Obvi
Expert in: Customer Acquisition • Marketing Strategy • Web Design

Jayme Ritz

Brand Experience Strategy Director at Dentsu Creative
Expert in: UX Strategy • Conversion Rate Optimization • Content Strategy

Chase Clymer

Co-Founder at Electric Eye Agency
Expert in: Digital Marketing • Graphic Design • Marketing Strategy

Cassie King-Burgos

Digital Experience Senior Manager at GoodRx
Expert in: User Experience • Conversion Rate Optimization • Digital Strategy

Chelsea Jones

CEO at Chelsea & Rachel Co.
Expert in: Digital Strategy • Design Marketing • Brand Strategy

Will Jones

Co-Founder and CRO at Savedby Package Protection
Expert in: Marketing Strategy • Conversion Rate Optimization • Customer Acquisition


Carolina Velasco

CMO at Clutch Charger
‍‍Expert in: Conversion Rate Optimization • Marketing Strategy • Growth Strategy

Erin verDorn

Head of Strategy at Fireside Digital
Expert in: Conversion Rate Optimization • Trend Analysis • Marketing Strategy


Round 1: Ashvin Melwani vs. Chase Clymer

Release Date: February 6th @12pm EST

Round 2: Cassie King-Burgos vs. Will Jones

Release Date: February 13th @12pm EST

Round 3: Jayme Ritz vs. Nik Sharma

Release Date: February 20th @12pm EST

Round 4: Chelsea Jones vs. Dexter Da Silva

Release Date: February 27th @12pm EST

Round 5:Cassie King-Burgos vs. Chase Clymer

Release Date: March 5th @12pm EST

Round 6: Chelsea Jones vs. Nik Sharma

Release Date: March 12th @12pm EST

Round 7: Cassie King-Burgos vs. Nik Sharma

Release Date: March 19th @12pm EST

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