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Educational collaborations with experts in the field of CRO.

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Expert Guides
A Systematic Approach to Driving Customer Lifetime Value: Analytic Insights from Matthew Barnes
Matthew Barnes
@Proteus Digital Lab
June 26, 2024
Expert Guides
She's Birdie: How This Safety Brand Grew from $30k to $7.5 Million (And What You Can Learn)
Richie Mashiko
@She's Birdie
May 9, 2024
Expert Guides
From Zero to One: Mastering Facebook Ads for DTC Success
Eric Oh
@Echo Partners
April 15, 2024
Expert Guides
Marketing Fundamentals: Expert Advice and Guidance from Ari Gayer
Ari Gayer
@Ari Gayer Consulting LLC
February 4, 2024
Expert Guides
Nik Sharma's Guide to Brand Growth: The TRACE Framework
Nik Sharma
January 11, 2024
Expert Guides
Customer-First Site Optimization with Anthony Morgan, Founder and CEO of Enavi
Anthony Morgan
November 8, 2023
Expert Guides
Oddit’s CRO Playbook: 3 Actionable Ways to Optimize Your eCom Site Experience
Shaun Brandt
September 4, 2023
Expert Guides
How the Founder of Split Testing and Approaches CRO from End to End
Dylan Ander
@Split Testing &
September 4, 2023
Expert Guides
Warby Parker's Brian Magida on Harnessing Site Speed
Brian Magida
@Blind Dog Ventures
September 29, 2023
Expert Guides
Warby Parker's Brian Magida on Optimizing for Conversions
Brian Magida
@Blind Dog Ventures
Expert Guides
Margaret Fortner on Building Glamnetic's Playbook
Margaret Fortner
September 12, 2023
Expert Guides
Compound's Dexter Da Silva on Why Site Speed Matters
Dexter Da Silva
September 3, 2023

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