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Nostra's Edge Delivery Engine and Crawler Optimization products combine to drastically reduce latency and improve Core Web Vitals, leading to improved CVR's & CPC's.

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Caleb Marshall
CEO & Co-Founder @ Tropeaka
Brand of the Month
STATE Bags is the family bag company that's carrying everyone, everywhere through the journey of life with open hands. STATE creates inclusively cool, thoughtful travel bags and accessories while championing social initiatives. They support American kids and families in need with every purchase, driving positive social change.
Perfect for everything from long weekends to week long adventures, the "Wellington Weekender" is a standout among STATE Bags' offerings. It's meticulously designed for the on-the-go individual, ensuring durability and organization with high-quality construction and materials. Elevated yet functional, it caters to the needs of traveling families, frequent weekend travelers, and anyone looking for a reliable all-in-one bag. Available in Olive, Black, and Latte there's a Wellington Weekender for everyone.

Milliseconds Make Millions.

Latency is the #1 reason shoppers abandon carts

We live in an attention economy, and the fact is that if you're not fast, you're last.

Achieve technical excellence with Nostra's Edge Delivery Engine, and never lose another sale to lag.

Easy onboarding, get up and running in minutes

Nostra's onboarding process takes less than 15 minutes to complete, and you'll see results within 48-72 hours.

Optimize your eCommerce store effortlessly and intelligently with Nostra.

Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Speed Time
Increase in Average Order Value
Increase in Repeat Customer Rate

Discover How Speed is Key to Conversions

Over a hundred DTC companies already trust Nostra to deliver blazing speed and converted customers

Don’t believe us?
Trust our customers!

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Haley Pavone
Founder & CEO at Pashion™
Customer since March 2023

I truly cannot say enough positive things about Nostra. It's the most simple, effective, no-brainer solution I've come across for site speed. We saw an immediate impact on CVR (increased by over 25%) and AOV, and therefore, revenue. The Nostra team has been incredibly attentive and supportive every step of the way.

Chrissy Hudson
Director of Business Development at Kate Hewko
Customer since May 2023

We were using the most popular speed app for a while and just not seeing results. Awful load time. We switched over to Nostra over the summer, and our speed shot right up. Last I checked, our load time is sub 100ms for most pages. This is significant for us, especially because lots of our PDP has video content.

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