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Beachwaver achieves 2.1x increase in purchase conversion rate with Nostra and Meta

Discover the role Nostra plays in transforming Beachwaver's eCommerce success in Meta's recent case study.

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"Website experience plays a major role in impacting conversion rates. Reducing friction in the purchase journey helps to generate sales and revenue. Every second of delay in webpage loading causes customers to abandon carts. Using Nostra's Edge Delivery Engine ensured we saw faster website speed and better campaign results from our Facebook ads."

Erin Potempa-Wall
Co-Founder and COO, Beachwaver


In the last quarter of 2023, Meta released a case study spotlighting Beachwaver, an eCommerce brand known for its innovative hair styling tools and hair care range. The narrative centers around the significant impact our Edge Delivery Engine™ rendered upon the efficacy of Beachwaver's Facebook ads and general website performance.

The Challenge

Beachwaver's primary objective was to drive online sales via Facebook ads. The stumbling block was their website's speed, which was causing increased bounce rates and the loss of potential sales through cart abandonment.To address this concern, the Meta team introduced Beachwaver to Nostra, with the aim of improving Beachwaver’s ad conversion rate through improved page performance.

The Solution

After connecting with Beachwaver, we deployed our Edge Delivery Engine™ onto their site. To gather data on our product's impact, Meta conducted an A/B split test that divided all website traffic:

  • Control group: 50% of website traffic went to the site with Nostra disabled
  • Test group: 50% of website traffic went to the site with Nostra enabled

During this A/B split test, the Facebook ad team ran their Advantage+ shopping campaigns, as well as a variety of other ad formats and placements, including partnership ads, photo ads, and video ads in Reels. Each of these ads incorporated a 'Shop Now' button, which directed users straight to the Beachwaver website.

The Outcome 

Employing the collaborative power of our Edge Delivery Engine™ and Meta Ads Manager, Beachwaver examined the outcome of its ad campaign that ran from May 3rd up until May 31st, 2023. The results revealed that the test group - the site with Nostra enabled, noticeably outperformed the control group. The following results were achieved.

  • 2.1X increase purchase conversion rates
  • 345-millisecond decrease in initial page load time for the home page

Based on Beachwaver’s experience using Nostra, it is clear that what may appear a minor improvement in load time can result in profound improvements in ad performance and revenue. The major transformation brought about by these seemingly small changes explains the importance and value of speed optimization in the world of eCommerce. Book a demo with us today to see how Nostra can elevate your website’s performance, revenue, traffic, and conversions! 

To read Meta’s full case study on Beachwaver click here.

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