Warby Parker's Brian Magida on Harnessing Site Speed

In this collaboration with Brian Magida, former VP of Performance Marketing for Warby Parker and Partner at BDV, we unpack how and why site speed drives conversions

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Warby Parker's Brian Magida on Harnessing Site Speed

Whether you’re focused on optimizing landing pages or site load times, growth marketers everywhere are obsessed with leveling up their storefronts for stronger conversions. 

The demand for expert-level CRO insights is immense. That’s why the Nostra team sat down with Brian Magida: a prolific angel investor, growth advisor, and former VP of Performance Marketing at Warby Parker

In Part 2 of this two-part series, Brian breaks down how companies of all sizes and verticals can improve site speed. 

Let's dive in. 

“Nostra is so fascinating because you can leverage their technology with little-to-no implementation lift. You get the benefits of a technology team that drives performance plus testing capabilities — all without hiring for it.” 

Brian’s 3-Step Playbook for Optimizing eCommerce Site Speed

Looking to optimize your brand’s website speed? Brian recommends taking the following three steps: 

Step 1: Take a look at your company's current tech

Start by assessing your current assets. Gauge whether you have the bandwidth to address the problem with your existing functionality. 

Step 2: Assess your cross-functional ability to improve site speed

Believe it or not, the tech isn't the only place where you can improve site speed. 

  • Check whether the videos and images on your site are as compressed as possible (without sacrificing quality).
  • Take inventory of your marketing tags, which require hefty storage and can slow down loading over time. Can you remove any of them? 

Step 3: Evaluate the efficacy, security, and reliability of your technology partners

If you decide to work with a tech provider to improve site speed, ask yourself: 

  • Will they keep your website up and running? Can they promise zero service interruptions?
  • Are you comfortable introducing additional business complexity risks (i.e., allowing a third party to power your website with a display perspective)? 

Nostra Levels Up Site Speed (and Much More) for Both Small & Large Brands

Whether your eCom brand falls on the smaller or larger end of the scale, Brian highlights Nostra as the optimal choice for boosting site speed. 

Small brands maximize performance with Nostra — without increasing headcount

Typically, small eCom brands use Shopify because they can sell online without investing in large tech infrastructure. As a tradeoff, they’re limited in A/B and multivariate testing capabilities and generally lack the resources to improve performance. 

Yet, by installing Nostra, these same brands can improve site speed — and, subsequently, their CVR, AOV, ROAS, and more — with little-to-no lift. They benefit from a technology team that drives both their performance and testing capabilities, all without any additional hires. 

Nostra plays well with larger brands’ existing infrastructure and technical debt

According to Brian, larger brands (especially legacy players) often accumulate tech debt that makes it difficult to adopt modern, complex solutions. That’s why Nostra is built to slot into your brand’s tech stack seamlessly — for both simple Shopify builds and large, custom storefronts. 

In Brian’s words, Nostra’s value prop is “really powerful and compelling” for brands of every vertical and size. 

No matter what your brand’s selling, site speed is always critical for growth and your bottom line. Book a demo with us today to see how Nostra can elevate your website’s performance, revenue, traffic, and conversions!

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