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How Healthycell decreases their load time by 23% with Nostra

Learn how Healthycell, The “Next-Generation Nutrient Delivery System” uses Nostra’s Edge Delivery Engine™ to dramatically cut their page load times, drive product launches, and provide a top-notch site experience for their users.

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Charleston, South Carolina
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“The reality is that this solution just makes sense for a lot of brands that are conversion-focused, we're definitely seeing the impact.”

Travis John
Head of Tech Stack / Partner Integrations at Healthycell


Established in 2015, Healthycell aims to revolutionize the vitamin supplement industry, which has long relied on pill-based delivery systems dating back to the 1930s. Recognizing the significant drawbacks of traditional supplements, particularly their low absorption rates, renowned stem cell doctor and Nobel Prize nominee Vincent Giampapa formulated MICROGEL™. This flagship biotechnology challenges the dominance of traditional tablets, capsules, and powders, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and empowering individuals to feel healthier, perform better, and enhance their “health-span.”

The Challenge

The sluggish site speed of Healthycell was adversely affecting user experience & conversions

As an emerging company, Healthycell's main focus has always been robust growth. Knowing that with improvement comes growth, the Healthycell team focused on their website to increase conversions and enhance user experience. However, operating a Shopify store with various custom applications, themes, and developmental changes led to a noticeable decline in site speed. Sluggish and inadequate, their site speed failed to meet user expectations and fell significantly below industry benchmarks. Consequently, their quest for a swift and efficient solution brought them to Nostra.

“We noticed it personally, being on the site several times a day, checking our own stuff. We knew it was not a good user experience. Aside from the user experience, we geeked out on some of the stats, did some website testing, and at the end of the day, it was just clear, noticeable to us on both platforms, mobile and desktop, that it was not snappy.”- Travis John, Head of Tech Stack / Partner Integrations at Healthycell

The Solution

Nostra delivers instant improvements to site speed 

As a start-up, Healthycell was keen on a remedy that was straightforward to deploy, required little to no downtime, and would not overstretch its budget. This is where Nostra stepped in as the ideal solution. 

“The implementation took less than 30 minutes to get up to speed, just making some changes to our DNS records and CloudFlare, along with a couple of minor tweaks. It was extremely easy and well explained; having their sales account manager there for support was great; we didn't just get thrown off to the implementation team.”

With a commendable experience of working alongside the Nostra team,the Healthycell team continued their normal operations while closely monitoring the effectiveness of the technology, which ultimately brought great outcomes. 

The Results

Effortless onboarding, instant results

With the implementation of the Edge Delivery Engine™, Healthycell’s website began operating at an unprecedented speed. This game-changing solution provided their team the flexibility necessary to concentrate on the launch of innovative site campaigns and new product roll-outs, such as their Vibrant Hair, Skin, and Nails supplement, designed to boost collagen production, and the REM Sleep supplement tailored to support all four stages of sleep for optimal sleep cycles, without compromising site speed. The impactful collaboration with Nostra, both cost-effective and efficient, facilitated conversion rate growth while simultaneously ensuring a flawless user experience for their clientele. 

Here's how Healthcell’s site performance has changed since working with Nostra: 

  • Decreased Load Time by 23% 
  • Decreased TTFB from 1.5s to 330ms (Collections Page)
  • Decreased TTFB 580ms to 280ms (AM PM Healthspan System Page) 

Looking ahead, Healthycell recommends Nostra not only for its game-changing product suite but also for its exceptional attention to detail and customer service. While obtaining the desired outcome of a radically faster site was the top priority, it has been the additional small but significant aspects of working with Nostra that elevate it from “product” to “partner”. 

“All the team members are just amazing to work with… and the tech is undeniably good. Nostra works.”

No matter what your brand's selling, site speed is always critical for growth and your bottom line. Book a demo with us today to see how Nostra can elevate your website's performance, revenue, traffic, and conversions!

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