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Glamnetic gains a 120% CVR increase with Nostra

Learn how our Edge Delivery Engine™ empowered Glamnetic to improve load speeds and add website features for a premium online shopping experience which “would not have been possible without Nostra.”

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I was extremely impressed by Nostra’s value proposition: that they could make our site astronomically faster than it was — without us really having to do anything about it.

Margaret Fortner
VP of Marketing at Glamnetic


Founded by Forbes 30 Under 30’s Ann McFerran, Glamnetic is the omnichannel beauty brand specializing in easy-to-apply, reusable magnetic lashes and salon-quality press-on nails. Since launching in 2019, Glamnetic has become one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in the industry — without any outside funding. 

The Challenge

A laggy site is costly — especially for digitally-native beauty brands

Like many eCommerce beauty brands, high-resolution images and videos are what move Glamnetic’s products: 

  • 60% of shoppers must see 3 - 4 product images before making an online beauty purchase. 
  • Videos of products in action increase conversion rates by 80%. 

However, as their image quality improved and product lines expanded, Margaret Fortner, VP of Marketing at Glamnetic, noticed that these “enhancements” on the front end were accompanied by slow load times and a considerable drop in conversion rate on the back end. As she explains: 

“Glamnetic is a product at a premium price point, and we need to make sure the customer experience is as clean and seamless as they would expect. If your first touchpoint with a brand is a really slow loading experience, you're going to doubt their products a little bit.” 

The Glamnetic team worked internally to optimize the website, compressing images and enabling lazy load. However, these efforts also bogged down their dev team. That's when Margaret discovered Nostra. 

“We’ve captured a ton of amazing photography and added apps to help shoppers find what they’re looking for quickly. All of that leads to a premium customer experience, but it also leads to lots of lags. We needed Nostra to help address that.” 

The Solution

Nostra's Edge Delivery Engine™ was what caught Margaret’s attention. With almost no setup time required, the product promised to improve site speed radically without ongoing upkeep on her team's part. Before the day was over, Glamnetic's team had Nostra set up. 

Since then, they've seen two huge benefits:

Benefit #1: Better Conversion Rates within Hours

After implementing our Edge Delivery Engine™, Glamnetic’s time to first byte dropped from 550ms to 85ms, and their media assets could fully load within seconds. Only a few hours after onboarding, Margaret saw a considerable lift in conversions. 

Since then, Nostra has enabled the Glamnetic team to introduce website features that engage visitors and nurture conversions — all without slowing down load times. Through creative site elements, including beautiful high-res media and personalized quizzes, Glamnetic increased CVR by 120%. In Margaret’s words, Nostra has literally paid for itself in results.  

Benefit #2: Nostra Generates Bandwidth for Exciting New Features

Nostra takes site speed optimization off Glamnetic's plate completely. This has freed up their development team's bandwidth, so they can now focus on building new features that reduce friction and further elevate the customer experience. 

Already, Glamnetic customers are noticing the difference. Today, the team has people reaching out daily to rave about their new interactive features, which Margaret says have only been possible thanks to the speed Nostra provides.

The Results

Glamnetic’s supercharged site speed leads to stronger conversion rates

Nostra's simple, turnkey solution has optimized Glamnetic's site speed while making life easier for its internal dev team. Here's a snapshot of the results so far: 

  • 120% increase in CVR
  • Time to first byte: 550ms → 85m

Since adding new features no longer bogs down their site, Glamnetic can finally tackle exciting updates that they've historically had to push off, such as personalization and quizzes. Margaret emphasizes that these additions are vital to creating the highest-quality eCom experience possible. Even more: “They would not have been possible without Nostra.” 

“I’m incredibly excited to see how Nostra’s solutions continue to perform and support us. We’ve already talked to their team about personalizations and other game-changing tools, so we’re definitely looking at those for our future.” 

No matter what your brand’s selling, site speed is always critical for growth and your bottom line. Book a demo with us today to see how Nostra can elevate your website’s performance, revenue, traffic, and conversions!

¹mmi Analytics: “The importance of images on the digital beauty shelf” (2020) 

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