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Pashion Footwear Uses Nostra's Edge Delivery Engine™ to Supercharge their Website Speed

Learn how Nostra helped Pashion Footwear supercharge their website speed instantaneously with our Edge Delivery Engine™.

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June 2019
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San Luis Obispo , California
Women Can Have it All.

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“We had accepted that a fast website wouldn’t be within reach until we were really well-funded, so Nostra seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical of the simplicity of the solution. But the instant results were the most dramatic I’ve ever seen.”

Haley Pavone
Founder & CEO


Haley Pavone launched Pashion Footwear in 2019 to empower women to have it all. Their flagship product is the world’s first fully convertible high heel — rooted in the idea that women shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort when it comes to shoes. What you wear should conform to your lifestyle, not vice versa.

The Challenge

Optimizing a laggy eCom site can be costly & time-consuming

As an eCommerce brand, Pashion Footwear’s website is the foundation of their business. They’ve invested in both its aesthetic (i.e., a high volume of bright, beautiful product shots) and user-friendly functionality (i.e., a platform for customizing your own pair of shoes). Unfortunately, these value-add features notably slowed their site speed. The Pashion team tried a number of solutions — but quickly discovered: 

  • Any in-house hacks only improved their site speed score by one or two points.
  • Hiring a web development agency to do a full site-optimization audit could cost thousands of dollars.

In addition, Pashion is a lean startup, meaning they don’t have the resources to endlessly troubleshoot the same issues. The team felt they had no choice but to accept laggy site performance until they could secure funding and invest in a total revamp. Luckily, that’s exactly when Haley Pavone, Founder & CEO of Pashion, found a promising AI-driven tool called Nostra.

“It was a constant challenge that our website was not loading quickly enough. In fact, it was loading unbelievably slowly. We just couldn't figure out how to fix it — until we heard about Nostra.” 

The Solution

At first, Haley wondered if Nostra was too good to be true. After all, her team had struggled repeatedly to boost site speeds. How could a plug-in fix this in 10 minutes? 

Soon enough, she realized Nostra lived up to it's advertising: onboarding was profoundly simple, and the results were nearly immediate. In Haley’s words: “I saw instant results to the most dramatic extent I have ever seen.” More specifically, Nostra’s solution drove three benefits for Pashion’s team:

Benefit #1: Near-instant lifts in site speed

After a seamless onboarding onto our Edge Delivery Engine™, the time to first bite dropped by over 70% resulting in a 36% faster website when compared to the control group. Haley was amazed by how quickly her team saw those results, especially considering how simple and affordable the installation was. Nostra’s  Edge Delivery Engine™ helps with real visitor experiences to increase revenue per user as well as an intelligent crawler experience to help with traffic acquisition.

Benefit #2: Incremental revenue increase

Since implementing Nostra, the Pashion team sees boosted revenue in two distinct ways:

  1. Increased Average Order Value — Haley attributes this to their new-and-improved site speed. The Pashion website can now toggle through SKUs more rapidly to upsell more effectively.
  2. Increased Revenue per User — The initial load time of the Pashion homepage decreased from over 1.4 seconds to under 150 milliseconds. According to Haley, this directly correlated to an increase in revenue per user.

Benefit #3: Dedicated client support

Haley reports, “Working with Nostra has simply been a delight,” as her team have felt like valued customers from day one. In fact, Nostra continues to go above and beyond to ensure our solution works smoothly and drives the greatest possible returns for Pashion.

“We had accepted that a fast website wouldn’t be within reach until we were really well-funded, so Nostra seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical of the simplicity of the solution. But the instant results were the most dramatic I’ve ever seen.”

The Results

Pashion’s supercharged website speed leads to boosted revenue

Nostra is the impactful, affordable, and turnkey solution Pashion Footwear had been searching for. Not only does our  Edge Delivery Engine™ make their eCom site more technically efficient — it also drives additional conversions and revenue. Plus, their optimized site is now safe from crashes in the event of traffic surges, like the 800% traffic increase they saw after airing on Shark Tank. 

Take a look at the results of our partnership so far: 

  • Initial load time decreased from 1.4s to 150ms
  • Zero lag during an 800% site traffic increase

Looking ahead, Haley and the Pashion Footwear team are amped to continue attracting more visitors and scaling the brand — with Nostra powering a seamless site experience along the way.

“If you’re considering Nostra, just do it. It's so easy and so affordable, while making your site more efficient and driving extra revenue. There's really no downside. It pays for itself.”

No matter what your brand’s selling, site speed is always critical for growth and your bottom line. Book a demo with us today to see how Nostra can elevate your website’s performance, revenue, traffic, and conversions!

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