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RIFRUF's 8% conversion rate increase with Nostra

Learn how RIFRUF optimized site speed, improved their customer experience, and increased conversions with Nostra.

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Queens, NYC
Elevate the way dogs live

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"When we started using Nostra, our site speed increased overnight. After that, our conversions immediately lifted, and our bounce rates improved as well.”

Peter Liu
Co-Founder and CEO at RIFRUF


Established in 2021, RIFRUF is on a mission to help your dog look their best and live life to the fullest. That’s why they created The Only Real Dog Sneaker – functional, design-driven, and ready for daily walks or the runway. They offer an array of gear, from the Apollo 1, a waterproof dog boot, to stylish commuter harness and leash sets. 

The Challenge

RIFRUF needed to improve their site speed – without breaking the bank

When RIFRUF Co-Founder and CEO Peter Liu ran the company's website through Google PageSpeed Insights, it told him one thing: the site needed to be faster. 

While the team wasn't fielding customer complaints, Peter knew slow speed drove some users to leave the website without purchasing. That's when Peter made optimizing site speed his top priority. 

The RIFRUF team tested various site speed solutions but encountered blockers, such as:

  1. Solutions that created more work for the RIFRUF team – various services they looked at would sift through their code and recommend what they should change. They already had their hands full, and that process would be time-consuming.
  1. High price tags – agencies with site speed solutions often charge an unaffordable flat fee or bill by the hour. Sifting through code can't be rushed, so both pricing models would have drained RIFRUF’S resources. 

It didn't make sense financially or efficiency-wise for RIFRUF to partner with any of the solutions they vetted. That is until they found Nostra. 

“No one has the time or attention span to wait around these days. We knew our clunky site was increasing our bounce rate, and we hypothesized that our conversions were suffering because of it, too.”

The Solution

Nostra was the turnkey solution RIFRUF had been looking for, and it unlocked two major benefits: 

Benefit #1: Increased Site Speed, Improved Engagement

Thanks to Nostra, RIFRUF’s faster site speed streamlines the brand's customer experience. Now, people can quickly browse the eCommerce store without waiting for product pages to load. Downstream, this improved website usability has boosted engagement rates and, by extension, conversions. 

Peter adds that RIFRUF is a niche product, so the website has to effectively educate first-time users on the benefits of shoes for dogs and which size to buy. The website offers the resources customers need (including written content, popups, and videos), and Nostra ensures every site visitor can efficiently access this wealth of knowledge.

Benefit #2: Effortless Onboarding and Implementation

Unlike other methods of improving site speed, Nostra's onboarding process was fast and low touch. 

  1. RIFRUF gave Nostra access to their Shopify site.
  2. Nostra confirmed they could increase RIFRUF’s site speed.
  3. Nostra took care of all the heavy lifting.

RIFRUF was relieved by Nostra's attentiveness and efficiency. With tons of tasks to tackle, the team appreciated that optimizing site speed was no longer one of them. 

Even better, Nostra's Edge Delivery Engine was far more affordable than the other solutions RIFRUF explored, and our free trial period proved that our solution worked before RIFRUF officially invested. 

 “Nostra helped us get our customers to the right spot at the right time so we could convert far more of them.”

The Results

Improved site speed increased RIFRUF’s conversion rate by 8%

Today, Nostra's Edge Delivery Engine continues to drive incredible results for RIFRUF, including: 

  • Time to First Byte: 390ms to 45ms

Even better, Peter is thrilled to see how faster site speed accelerates RIFRUF’s growth. The team no longer has to choose between optimized site speed and a top-tier customer experience. With Nostra, they can offer both.

“Nostra swooped in and increased our site speed in the blink of an eye. We didn’t have to do anything, and we saw positive downstream effects in our conversion and engagement rates.”

No matter what your brand's selling, site speed is always critical for growth and your bottom line. Book a demo with us today to see how Nostra can elevate your website's performance, revenue, traffic, and conversions!

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