Nostra Q4 Update 2023

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At Nostra, we're dedicated to creating a site speed solution that's better-performing and easier to implement than anything else on the market. We're thrilled about the success our Edge Delivery Engine™ and Crawler Optimization have driven for users so far — but we're always on the hunt for more feedback and knowledge to continue maximizing your ROI from Nostra. In this update, we'll unpack how far we've come in the last quarter of 2023, our active participation in the eComm ecosystem, and how we aim to drive even more value for Nostra customers in the upcoming quarter. Let's get into it.

Customer Wins: Ending the Year with Nostra 

At Nostra, we serve a diverse set of clientele, catering to various eCom focuses. No matter the niche, businesses turn to us to enhance site speed, elevate performance, and boost revenue. 

These consumer brands partnered with Nostra in Q4 and look forward to carrying their exceptional site speed and performance into the new year: 

Beddy’s-Frustrated by their children's daily unmade beds, Beddy's founders, Betsy Mikesell and Angie White, came together to create the ultimate solution: an all-in-one zip-up bedding set. Looking to enhance their eComm store, Beddy's participated in one of Nostra's weekly webinars. Intrigued by our product, Beddy’s scheduled a brief demo call, and has been a satisfied customer ever since. 

Healthycell- Committed to advancing the next best nutrient delivery product in the market, the company sought a site speed solution that was easy to implement with minimal downtime. This led Healthycell to Nostra, working together to achieve eCom success. 

CrunchLabs- A buildable toy company founded by former NASA engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober inspires children to think like engineers and have fun in the process. To boost CrunchLabs' online presence, one of Mark’s partners recommended Nostra. After a 30-minute demo and rapid onboarding, Crunchlabs became another standout addition to our Q4 wrap-up. 

Continued Team Growth

As Nostra continues to evolve and take on exciting new challenges, we have welcomed two new members to our team: 

Ethan Abney: Onboarding Engineer 

Kristina Jones: Customer Success Manager

These new hires play a crucial role in maintaining the exceptional white-glove service we are known for, contributing to our ongoing momentum.

To achieve sustained success and maintain a competitive edge, we are continuing our investment in people of extraordinary caliber. As our business continues to grow, we are actively working towards filling the following roles in Q1.

  • Senior UI Engineer - Instrumental in shaping and advancing the Nostra portal and beyond.
  • Senior Backend Engineer - Responsible for the development, maintenance, and enhancement of the backend services powering our edge delivery products.
  • Head of Marketing - A driving force behind Nostra's presence in the eComm ecosystem. Through well-built marketing strategies and deep industry knowledge, they lead initiatives to enhance our brand and reach new milestones in the market.

Getting Involved 

As a growing presence within the eCom ecosystem at large, we recognize the importance of staying actively engaged with partners and peers in the space, contributing and codifying knowledge whenever possible. Aligned with this commitment, we have – and will continue to – participate through:

Industry Events: Look for the Nostra team at upcoming events like Grow LA, a hub for the world's fastest-growing community of online retail brands, technology providers, investors, and agencies. We'll also be present at Shoptalk, where industry leaders collaborate to shape the future of retail and commerce, and DTC Experts, a gathering of founders and executives from rapidly growing DTC brands sharing insights and success stories. 

Sharing Expert Knowledge: Anticipate a stream of content releases, featuring expert guides from industry leaders and customer success case studies that showcase the impactful work undertaken at Nostra. The MythBuster Series remains a prominent element - taking a leading role in demystifying misinformation within the eCom community. Stay tuned for insightful and informative materials that reflect our commitment to our mission.

What's to Come in Q1 2024

Our commitment to providing the best client experience remains unwavering. In response to valuable user feedback, we're thrilled to share a glimpse of our upcoming projects:

Preemptive Bug Detection:  Continuing an initiative rolled out this quarter, in Q1 Nostra will further our ability to automatically and preemptively identify potential issues on a customers’ website caused by new app installs, reworked code, and more. If unchecked, these issues could otherwise serve to detriment a site’s performance. 

Further Performance Enhancements: Performance enhancements have been implemented and are being rolled out, focused on further elevating the page speed experience for more users; yielding a notable 50% decrease in Nostra’s real-world-measured TTFB. Additional enhancements will be implemented to improve a site’s Largest Content Paint (LCP), a key element of Core Web Vitals for our customers.  

More Power to the Client: In response to valuable client feedback, we are continuing to introduce more features to Nostra’s portal.These features provide clients with instant access to more account analytics, displaying metrics such as TTFB, Page Load Time, and more. Additional features include the convenience of scheduled cache clearing, along with the ability to have full control over managing their users within the portal. 

2024 was a fantastic year for Nostra, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead!

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