Nostra Mid-Year Update 2023

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At Nostra, we’re dedicated to creating a site speed solution that’s better-performing and easier to implement than anything else on the market. We’re thrilled about the success our Edge Delivery Engine™ and Crawler Optimization have driven for users so far — but we’re always on the hunt for more feedback and knowledge to continue maximizing your ROI from Nostra. In this update, we’ll unpack how we’ve thrived in the first half of 2023, how we aim to drive even more value for Nostra customers in the upcoming quarter, and our internal growth plans. Let’s get into it. 

How Nostra Customers are Winning in 2023

When we search for that perfect customer fit, our criteria is simple: Nostra is optimized for
brands that are not headless and bring in over $1 million in annual revenue. Beyond this, we’re
truly adaptable to almost any company. 

Here are three consumer brands from three disparate industries who’ve relied on Nostra to
boost site speed, site performance scores, and revenue alike during 2023: 

  • MìLà — Over the years, Ari Gayer & Brian Lok (Blok) have led performance and growth
    marketing at names like Jack Erwin and Zola. Most recently, he deployed Nostra for
    beloved F&B brand MìLà to outstanding results. 
  • Kate Hewko — Kate Hewko has been on Yottaa for the last few years with hopes of
    speeding up their websites. They have dealt with high payments and minimal tangible
    results. During our first call, they decided to stop paying their contract with Yottaa and
    switched to Nostra. Since then, they have been very happy with the speed of their site and
    the customer service that Nostra has provided.
  • NuStrips — NuStrips was founded by Viraj Mohan as a way to easily travel with your daily
    supplements. Viraj had tried several different tactics to speed up his site but none have
    come close to the results that he has seen with Nostra.

From the Desk of the CEO: Team Growth, Industry
Roundtables, and More

As we head into Q3, Nostra’s Founder and CEO Arthur is doubling down on recruiting and
product development. Here’s how we’re looking to hire in the coming quarter: 

  • Product Designer — A crucial step in developing a world class customer experience.
  • Account executives & SDRs — By linking up with incredible brands that fit our ICP, Nostra
    has closed a whopping 50+% of deals in our pipeline. More are on the way, which means
    we need to level up our demo frequency, internal ops, and sales firepower.
  • Head of Sales — We have begun the search for a Unicorn Head of Sales, well versed in the
    E-Commerce ecosystem, will lead the charge into Nostra’s next chapter.

On top of driving results for consumer brands, Arthur is amped to continue nurturing Nostra’s
authority in the eCommerce efficiency and CRO landscapes. 

Ahead of Q3, he’s planning to bring together founders who use Nostra for a roundtable of
eComm masterminds. It’s not only a seamless way to gather live user feedback — it’s also an
opportunity to hear from fellow founders and CEOs about their markets and unique pain points.
Ultimately, our learnings from these roundtables will be leveraged to improve the Nostra
customer experience. 

What Nostra Users can Look Forward to in Q3

Looking toward the next few months, Team Nostra is focused on three key objectives: 

  • Continue to deliver performance and conversion optimization for existing clients
  • Enhance our speed optimization solution
  • Increased adoption of the beta version of our predictive commerce solution

Objective #3 is one of the most important functions at Nostra, and, luckily for us, it’s not
difficult. Instead of trying to prophesize what consumer brands will want next year, all we have
to do is sit down, listen, and follow the feedback. Plus, to ensure we keep active feedback
channels, Nostra’s customer success team stages monthly check-ins with each and every

Here are a couple of examples of Nostra user feedback that we’re putting in action:

  • Even more ways to boost site speed — Nostra’s Edge Delivery Engine™ already provides
    the most significant speed boosts on the market. Even then, the work is never done. Keep
    your eyes peeled for upgrades to come!
  • Testing & personalization — As Google Optimize will be sunsetting in September, Nostra
    aims to equip users with a well-priced (or even free) alternative for A/B testing for CRO.
    After all, no brand should be showing their site visitors untested and impersonal content.

Here at Nostra, we’re proud to say that our products can supercharge your site speed and
personalize your site experience by the user, by the page — but there’s even more in store for
our community. Stay tuned!

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