eCommerce Success: A Conversation with Arthur Root, CEO of Nostra

October 26, 2023

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IKEA's founder, Ingvar Kamprad, once warned against complacency with the words, 'the most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement.' Today, we explore this valuable lesson in the context of eCommerce. Join us as we dive into the importance of adaptation and discover key elements for online business success. Leading the way is Arthur Root, Founder and CEO of Nostra.

The Need for Speed

In a recent interview with Stephanie Menjivar, Growth Lead at Showday, Arthur shared the top three elements for brands seeking to elevate their online presence and conversion rates. “First and foremost, ensure your site is as fast as possible,” Arthur emphasized. In an era where time is of the essence, it's no surprise that a slow website can hold back your business. A slow website can and will limit your business’s growth. A study by Portent discovered that sites loading in 1 second boast a conversion rate three times higher than those taking 5 seconds. This research is what drives new clients to Nostra every day; the Edge Delivery Engine™ seamlessly increases site speed overnight, allowing increases in Core Web Vitals, site traffic, and conversions. To gain a deeper understanding of the significance of site speed and effective methods to enhance it, simply click here.

Above the Fold

Transitioning into his second point, Arthur underlines the significance of a visible call to action (CTA). In the digital world, user attention is crucial, and Arthur insists that a brand's CTA should never hide below the fold. Placing it prominently on the landing page ensures that users engage with key actions without the need for scrolling, a simple yet effective strategy to capture and retain user interest.

Simplicity Wins

For his final point, Arthur advocates for simplicity in the conversion funnel. “If you can get somebody to click checkout with four clicks instead of five, that's a win. We've conducted tests with Shopify's one-page checkout, witnessing remarkable 80% to 90% bumps in conversion, which is quite mind-boggling,” Arthur explained. It boils down to simplicity, benefitting not only conversion rates but user satisfaction.

The faster users can enter, find what they need, and make a purchase, the quicker your business will thrive.

Adapt for the Future

The conversion then shifts to adapting within the eCommerce industry, and how one stays ahead of the latest technology and trends. Stephanie, a vital part of Showday, an all-in-one video commerce platform for Shopify brands, questioned Arthur on AI and the impact it has had on the industry. Arthur, in response, highlights the prominence of AI and its transformative potential. However, he pragmatically notes that its greatness hinges on the efficiency of the server distributing it. “It's all predicated on how we can deliver it fast enough to the end user. And that boils down to edge computing,” Arthur explains. Enter Edge Computing, a vital component at Nostra. While it may be complex, its benefits are substantial: faster insights, improved response times, and better bandwidth availability.

Diagram on how Edge Computing works, showing the cloud layer, edge layer, and device layer.

Accept the Challenge of Change

Arthur foresees a challenging future for businesses resistant to adapting to these technologies. In a race to implement tools like AI and Edge Computing, he stresses the importance of staying ahead.This reinforces the key lesson of our conversation, never grow too comfortable, even in the face of success. The competitive landscape of e-commerce is unyielding, demanding continuous evolution and adaptation.  

Arthur Root’s insight offers a roadmap for e-commerce success - prioritize speed, keep call to actions visible, and simplify the conversion funnel. Embrace the transformative power of emerging technologies like AI and Edge Computing to stay ahead.  As Ingvar Kamprad warned, complacency is the real threat, initiate change, and witness the elevation of your business. 

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To watch the full interview with Arthur Root and Stephanie Menjivar, please click here

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