Faster Site Speeds Can Result in a 120% Lift in CVR — Here’s How

Boost your online store's success with lightning-fast site speed—explore how reducing latency and optimizing visuals can make the difference between a 10% and 20% conversion rate boost, ensuring a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

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Site speed is crucial to a seamless shopping experience. Reducing latency minimizes friction, simplifies the buyer's journey, and encourages repeat business. 

The typical eCommerce shopper must see 3–4 product images before converting, while product videos can improve conversion rates (CVR) by 80%. The benefits of high-resolution media on your storefront are clear. 

Yet, if these assets are poorly optimized, they significantly affect site speeds and (as a result) CVR. Only a few milliseconds of latency can be the difference between a 10% vs. 20% CVR bump. Plus, buffering videos and fuzzy images are often why more than 75% of online shoppers won't return to a website. 

Let's take a look at some Nostra clients as an example: 

  • Glamnetic — A rapidly growing omnichannel beauty brand running on Shopify, their team relies heavily on hi-res imagery to move products. However, their VP of Marketing, Margaret Fortner, noticed a steep decline in site speeds and CVR due to image sizes. 
  • Kate Hewko — A Canadian eCom fashion brand revolutionizing women's casual wear, Kate Hewko depends on high-quality imagery to showcase hero products. Yet, these assets inadvertently led site speeds to suffer.
“Attention spans have shortened so much, and if you can't provide a shiny, new, instant experience, shoppers will dip out so fast.” - Chrissy Hudson, Director of Business Development at Kate Hewko

Site speed is critical to both convert and retain shoppers. But, with the benefits of using hi-res media on your storefront, how do you balance the optimal shopper experience with site speed? 

Nostra bridges the gap between quality and site speed in eCommerce

For years, eCom brands have strived to balance beautiful site design with latency. At Nostra, we challenge the notion that attractive websites are destined to run poorly. 

Nostra provides eCom brands with a white-glove site speed solution — empowering them to deliver captivating shopping experiences without compromising on performance. We do so with three core tools: 

  1. Edge Delivery Engine™ — We utilize over 297 edge locations, smart caching, and early hints to reduce a site's Time to First Byte by an average of 300ms or more, leading to a substantial (10-30%) improvement in total load times.
  2. Crawler Optimization— This tool prioritizes an enhanced experience for site crawlers, showing them pages devoid of javascript (which they cannot read).

Each of these tools was designed to supercharge your website with little-to-no maintenance. Regardless of how many dynamic product shots or hi-res videos you choose to integrate, Nostra makes site speed optimization low-lift and high-reward. 

Nostra helps eCom brands create a frictionless journey to conversion

Implementing Nostra to reduce site latency and boost CVR was a game-changer for both Glamnetic and Kate Hewko. They attribute their recent success to three elements of our solution: 

Benefit #1: Nostra delivers better conversion rates within hours

After implementing our Edge Delivery Engine™, Glamnetic’s time to first byte dropped from 550ms to 80ms. Within hours, the team saw a considerable lift in CVR and site speeds. 

Kate Hewko also remarks on the near-instant impact. The fashion brand needed only a 15-minute Zoom call and a code snippet on the site’s back end to see a sharp drop in latency. 

"Onboarding with Nostra was a true set-it-and-forget-it experience. We could barely remember ramping up before our site speed began to skyrocket." - Kate Hewko, Founder and CEO of Kate Hewko

Benefit #2: Nostra helps your site feel as frictionless as in-person shopping

Like many fashion and beauty brands, Glamnetic and Kate Hewko aim to combine the best of digital and physical commerce. Adding Nostra to their tech stacks takes them one step closer to this goal: A frictionless online shopping experience differentiates them in a crowded eCom landscape. 

“We just want to recreate that seamless in-store experience for our online customers in the best possible way. Nostra is a big part of that now.” - Kate Hewko, Founder and CEO of Kate Hewko

Benefit #3: Nostra enables brands to personalize without limits

Thanks to Nostra’s reliable tech, the Glamnetic and Kate Hewko teams can focus on implementing new features and personalization — without any hits to their site speed. As an added bonus, these additions further enhance the shopper journey and likelihood of conversion. 

“We have shoppers reaching out daily to rave about our new interactive features, which only could have been possible thanks to the speed Nostra delivers.” - Margaret Fortner, VP of Marketing at Glamnetic

Nostra helps Glamnetic boost CVR by 120% and Kate Hewko by 30%

With Nostra behind them, Glamnetic and Kate Hewko have the bandwidth and peace of mind to strategize on new, exciting ways to enhance personalization and boost CVR even further. 

Here’s a snapshot of results Nostra has driven for Glamnetic and Kate Hewko so far: 

  • Glamnetic: 120% increase in CVR
  • Kate Hewko: 30% increase in CVR

With Q4 and holiday shopping on the horizon, Glamnetic and Kate Hewko can’t wait to deliver a frictionless shopping experience during waves of traffic and capitalize on demand. 

Never sacrifice performance for personalization again. Book a demo with us today to see how Nostra can elevate your website’s performance, traffic, and conversions. 

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