Nostra Q3 2023 Update

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At Nostra, we’re dedicated to creating a product suite for website excellence that’s better-performing and easier to implement than anything else on the market. We’re thrilled about the success our Edge Delivery Engine™ and Crawler Optimization products have driven for users so far — but we’re always searching for more feedback and industry knowledge to maximize your ROI from Nostra. In this update, we’ll unpack how Nostra continued to level up our products in Q3, how our team has grown, and how we plan to keep supporting users in the upcoming quarter. Let’s dive in.

External Validation: Meta Case Study

While it’s a normal occurrence for Nostra to drive outstanding, measurable results for our clients, we were particularly thrilled when Meta highlighted our effect on CVR and CPC in a recent case study featuring our shared client Beachwaver.

These are the key results we drove:

  • Improved Time to First Byte by 345 milliseconds
  • Increased Purchase Conversion Rate by 2.1X
  • Improved Lighthouse Score by 97%

Investing in Product: Platform Upgrades That Level Up the Nostra UX

When plotting new product developments, our first priority is honoring user feedback to build the optimal customer experience. Based on this approach, here are three major product upgrades we deployed in Q3: 

  1. Expanding service to Salesforce merchants — We’re excited to bring Nostra’s site speed solution to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a platform used by 1000's of the world's biggest eCommerce Brands.
  2. Designing an intuitive customer portal — Our latest user-friendly portal design emphasizes easy access to Nostra tools and support. From setting up experiments to clearing your cache, Nostra is easier to use than ever. 

Even beyond our client community, Nostra is proud to take a leading role in the broader world of CRO. That’s why we have published a series of  Expert Guides and webinar clips that serve to educate and empower eCom entrepreneurs.  For any brand looking to upgrade its eCom site, Nostra provides the tech and the industry insights. 

Investing in the Team: Nostra’s Latest Hiring Round

We’re floored by the traction Nostra has gained with our customers. To bolster current success and meet our overflow of inbound demand, we’ve leaned into growing the team. 

When searching for new Nostra team members, we look for a combination of: 

  1. Experienced individuals who can do the work
  2. Creative, abstract thinkers who can build new methods and systems
  3. Eager folks who are responsible for themselves and always looking to add team-wide value

Prime among Q3’s hires was Daren Limas, a visionary sales leader who spent the past five years at Klickly where he grew the customer base to more than 2,000 businesses. Daren joined the team in September as the Vice President of Sales.

Here are our other hires from the past quarter by department:


Customer Success:



This major team expansion has been made possible and necessary by outstanding growth in both Nostra’s revenue and customer base. The expanded headcount will enable us to scale efficiently and responsibly both now and into the future.

Key Client-Champions Signed in Q3

One of our biggest new clients of the past quarter is Jolie, the market-maker and creator of the world’s best shower filter. The brand was founded by Ryan Babenzien, the founder of Greats (sold to Steve Madden) and Arjan Singh, both of whom are fanatically dedicated to creating out of this world customer experiences. 

Additionally, we’re pleased to work with Monos, a climate-neutral luggage and travel brand that is likewise an industry leader in their field.

Some other major brands signed last quarter include Birdies, Kaged Supplements, 310 Nutrition, and Saint & Sofia.

One last note: During Q4, keep your eyes peeled for more partnership announcements. We’ve got some exciting clients in the works! 

Q4 and Beyond: 

During Q4, we’re renewing our commitment to ensuring that Nostra sites are the fastest on the internet. Beyond that, here are some exciting projects we’re pursuing: 

  • We’ve devised a new way to amp up site speed using AI. If you’re interested in a speed bump ASAP, reach out to us!
  • We’re improving the site speed of a global top-20 fashion house – stay tuned for more!

At Nostra, we’re proud to say our products can supercharge site speed — but as you can see, there’s even more in store for our users. To ensure you never miss another feature rollout or quarterly update, scroll below to subscribe to Nostra news.

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